I absolutely hate going to the doctor. The brownish cream colored walls. The ugly seats. The smell. The fact that the TV behind me is set to play some health shit. Yesterday’s video talked about diabetes and eating healthy. Why exactly do they play these? Background noise? Do people actually pay attention to the information? 

I remember going to the doctor and cartoons were on the TV in the waiting room. I liked that. They were a distraction. They helped me forget the fact that I was fixing to be poked and prodded.

Of course, I was also a child.

Yesterday’s appointment went alright, I guess. It was just a follow up with my general practitioner (GP). I had to check vitals to make sure the medication for my blood pressure was working. She didn’t say anything, so maybe it is. I had to discuss with her the fact that I have been dizzy for the last two weeks. Come to find out, I have fluid on my ears and is apparently the cause. Which is good I guess, because my dumb ass always thinks the worst. I seriously thought that I had a brain tumor or something.

Since my most recent OBGYN has retired and I haven’t gotten around to picking a new one, my GP also did a follow up pap smear. When I saw for the first time last year, we did a full exam to see what she was working with. That exam also included a pap smear. I had some abnormal cells (which actually made the second with those results). So, if this one comes back abnormal, then she is going to send me to another gynecologist to have some kind of light test done to see if I have cervical cancer. I’m not sure what this light test is exactly. The doc said that only the cancer cells will show up in said light.

I guess I lay there with my legs spread, with my hoo-ha out for everyone to see while the doctor uses some special light to explore my nether regions like he is cave diving or some shit.

So, the hubby and I are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the results from this pap come back normal. Like I said, this would make pap number 3 that is abnormal over a span of a year and a half.

This is most definitely cause some issues in the baby making factory.




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