I’ve thought about doing it for a while. I even signed up for a few of those online journal things. You know the kind. The ones where you log on, read about how shitty everyone’s day has been, leave a few encouraging comments, write about how shitty your day has been,  and wait a few minutes to refresh the page to see if anyone gave a damn. When you see that no one really cares, you log off and repeat these steps all over again the next day.

Yeah, I was that person.

So, I am back at it again. But this time instead of random posts about the weather, the fact that everyone is an asshole, school sucks, and the occasional meme, I am going to document my journey to motherhood.

Some days are going to suck, some days are going to be great. Some days my favorite word will be ‘fuck’ and some days I’ll share too much information. It’s going to be the cold hard truth.

Getting pregnant isn’t easy.


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